PowerTest History

Founded in 1995, PowerTest has become a premiere provider of software testing, software quality assurance, performance/load/stress testing, software security testing, and application performance management services that enable companies to manage the risks inherent in developing and deploying complex systems.

PowerTest started with a group of test developers experienced in various automated testing tools. As a result of many of PowerTest’s initial functional automation testing engagements, the test engineers developed a functional test methodology called PowerCycle™. This robust yet flexible methodology has since been employed at many companies with proven results, not only to help increase software quality, but also to lower development costs and meet shortened delivery schedules.

PowerTest expanded its services to include load testing, first in client/server environments, then in n-tier Web environments. PowerTest used its extensive experience to develop the PowerTest Six-Step Load Testing Methodology. This methodology has been used successfully in many different industries with a wide variety of complex environments. Recognizing the increasing importance of the Internet as an application delivery vehicle, PowerTest added an Internet Cloud performance testing solution designed to simulate the real-world experience of users almost anywhere in the world.

PowerTest followed the leading tool vendors into the Application Performance Management (APM) arena and expanded its services to encompass the APM products of those leaders. As a result, PowerTest can now offer its customers solutions in post-deployment and pre-deployment application performance management as well as pre-deployment testing and quality assurance.

Recognizing the increased business risk from security flaws in software code, PowerTest added a security testing practice to its primary core of consulting services.

As soon as virtualization became a prominent solution, PowerTest identified the related performance risks and created a virtualization performance testing solution to assist organizations in managing those risks.