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Cloud Testing for Real World Performance

SOASTA has harnessed the immense power of Cloud Computing to become the leading provider of cloud testing, which businesses use to test the real-world performance of their web applications. Customers of all sizes use SOASTA CloudTest On-Demand services to realistically, rapidly and affordably eliminate web performance issues during development through deployment and into production – ensuring optimal performance and a superior customer experience.

What We Do

SOASTA CloudTest was built to support all common Web application testing types: Load, Performance, Functional, and UI/Ajax either inside your firewall or inside "The Cloud".

Our Vision for Web Testing

The economic advantages of reaching new and existing customers via the internet, creates a great demand for newer Web applications packed with dynamic content and data. But, these new Web applications are difficult and expensive to test. In fact, most Web testing is currently hand built.

While there are many point testing tools on the market today, they are too hard to use and are breathtakingly expensive. In addition the availability of the necessary hardware and infrastructure to recreate real world production environment, is mind numbing. The industry requires an affordable new Test environment that allows developers to simulate real world scenario’s to adequately test these next generation of Web applications.

What do we mean by real world? Web applications and services made up of thousands of Web pages, messages and events, supporting tens or hundreds of thousands of users, and based upon a variety of protocols…HTML, SOAP, REST, HTTP, Ajax and so on.

This is the problem that SOASTA was founded to solve. SOASTA’s product family – including SOASTA CloudTest™, a uniquely visual Web testing application that was built on the "Cloud" to Test inside the "Cloud". Giving users the first affordable, on demand Testing service resident in the Cloud. In addition, SOASTA CloudTest-Appliance, offers customers not residing in a cloud to test inside their firewall, is the industry’s first complete, professional, and affordable load testing appliance – enables faster, more flexible, and reliable Web testing for the entire testing team.