Application Performance Management Services

Effective Operations Performance Monitoring Solutions

  • Detect problems and alert you as the problems occur
  • Alert systems groups to performance problems
  • Quantify business impact of performance problems
  • Identify root causes of performance problems

PowerTest can help you improve your production service quality by identifying performance problems as they occur in production so defect fixes can be applied and validated efficiently. Our goal is to increase the integrity of your applications by providing a performance monitoring infrastructure that continuously watches and measures the performance of your systems.

Performance Management and Diagnosis

If you are not monitoring the performance of your applications, you can only react when problems arise. Also, attempting to monitor the performance of your systems without experience and a systematic approach can still be reactionary, and will usually involve spending more than you need to. But at PowerTest, using our proactive monitoring services, we employ a methodology to deliver performance monitoring, problem diagnosis, problem solving, and full managed services to reduce your operating costs, while increasing your user’s satisfaction.

PowerTest has expertise in the tools of the leading APM vendor - HP. We can assist you in selecting the best solution or combination of solutions for your particular situation.

Performance Assessment

If you have performance service level agreements that need to be maintained, or if you have internal performance requirements that need to be met, how do you know if you are in compliance? At PowerTest, we can provide you an independent audit on your enterprise system to provide you a detailed report of measurements and system performance data you need to know. We can also provide a regular assessment of your system to develop trends and on-going analysis to ensure that your system meets and/or exceeds your desires or requirements.

Performance Management Tool Expertise

PowerTest’s automation engineers are experts in the best-of-breed performance management tools such as HP Business Availability Center, and HP SiteScope.

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