Application Security Testing Services

Our application security testing services help you find security flaws in software application code in order to protect your business.

Business Software Assurance (BSA) is a growing industry trend that refers to technologies and techniques that enable you to maximize the flexibility, enhanced capabilities and easy availability of enterprise software without exposing your operations to attacks that can threaten your business. In short, BSA answers the question “How do you know your business is secure?”

Enterprise Software Is Inherently Susceptible

Today’s enterprise software is built using open standards and service-oriented architectures – technologies that make applications accessible, modular and faster to develop. For development teams, however, securing these applications still takes a back seat to functionality, quality and performance. As a result, undetected security flaws in software pose the greatest risk to your operations.

Existing Security Measures Create a False Sense of Security

Research firm The Gartner Group estimates that 75 percent of all security breaches occur at the application layer. Yet enterprises are focused almost solely on perimeter solutions that harden the network, while leaving business applications and data assets behind the firewall unprotected.

Although spending on perimeter-only strategies continues to grow, reported breaches more than doubled in 2007. The cost of recovering from even a single data breach now averages $6.3 million – up 31 percent since 2006 and nearly 90 percent since 2005.