Software Testing Services

PowerTest can provide skilled testing resources to augment your existing staff or can provide you with a complete outsourced testing solution for a project or for all of your testing needs.

PowerTest software testing services enable your organization to prevent defects from being introduced and to detect problems once they occur. Our testing services include:

Test Planning: Test planning provides a detailed roadmap and strategy that will be used to validate the quality of the application prior to release. It is proactive and parallels development. Our typical test plans include the following information:

  • General description of the project, its objectives, and the test schedule.
  • Resource requirements including hardware, software, and staff responsibilities.
  • Features to be tested, as well as features not to be tested.
  • Details for the test approach.
  • Lists of test deliverables such as test cases and test scripts.
  • Dependencies and/or risks.
  • Descriptions of how bugs will be tracked.
  • Milestone criteria.
  • Lists of required reviewers who must provide approval of the test plan.

Test Management: The testing services will be managed by a senior PowerTest resource, who has the skills and experience to lead the team to successful completion of all deliverables.

Test Specification Development: Test specification development communicates all testing objectives based upon a single requirement or a set of requirements for completeness, correctness, and testability. It explains how to implement the test cases described in the test plan.

Test Case Development: Test case development offers a specific set of steps and data along with expected results for a particular test objective.

Manual Test Execution: Executing tests manually is the most common testing approach and must be done thoroughly and accurately. The PowerTest resources have the skills and experience required to perform the required tasks.

Defect Reporting: Defects are reported and tracked using the leading test management tools.

Test Automation: After manual testing confirms that an application is stable, and assuming it makes good business sense to automate the tests, PowerTest can use the leading test automation tools to build a set of reusable scripts for ongoing regression testing. Please review our Software Test Automation services page for more information.