Fortify on Demand Vulnerability Detection

Test and Score Software Security Risks Quickly and Accurately

Fortify on Demand is a set of hosted Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions that allow any organization to test and score the security of their in-house and vendor, open source and outsourced software. This automated turnkey solution provides both source and binary level static analysis for accurate detection of security vulnerabilities. It returns the most accurate and complete findings available, with vulnerabilities prioritized based on severity and exploitability. Determine security risk in the entire software portfolio quickly and affordably with Fortify on Demand.

Fortify on Demand comprises two complementary offerings:

  • Vendor Security Management – assesses software security for third-party applications
  • Enterprise Assessment Management – assesses software security of in-house development projects

Fortify on Demand users simply upload either the source code or compiled version of their application and Fortify does the rest. It completes award-winning analysis of the entire application – Java, .NET or PHP – detecting more than 60 vulnerability categories. The assessment is delivered in a comprehensive report featuring line of code level details on vulnerabilities with a consistent five-star star rating system for easy prioritization.

Benefits of Fortify on Demand include:

  • Improved understanding and prioritization of software risk posed by in-house and third-party applications
  • Promotion of secure coding practices earlier in the software development life cycle, when vulnerabilities are cheaper and easier to address
  • Empowerment of in-house and third-party developers to actively manage application security, on their own terms, extending limited security resources
  • Reduction in total cost of security when replacing more expensive assessment services

Best of all, Fortify on Demand uses the same award-winning analysis technology as Fortify 360, making it easy for customers to graduate from hosted testing to high-throughput vulnerability remediation and prevention as part of a robust Software Security Assurance program.

pdf icon  Fortify on Demand datasheet (opens in new window) (535kb, pdf)

Be sure to visit Fortify's Security Resource Center (opens in new window) to do more research in the increasingly important discipline of application security.