HP DevInspect

Simplify web security testing during development

Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced on September 1, 2009 that it is discontinuing HP DevInspect for Java & HP DevInspect for .NET and has set August 31, 2011 as the date for end of support.

HP’s DevInspect shares technology with all of the other products in the BTO – Application Security Center. HP’s ongoing strategy is focused on selling its standalone security testing tools, HP WebInspect and HP QAInspect, and its centralized security testing platform, HP Assessment Management Platform (AMP), in the development space as solutions for the entire development group rather than on a tool for individual developers.

HP has also partnered with Fortify, the market leader in static analysis security testing. This provides customers a solution combining the best static analysis security testing tool and the best dynamic security testing tool with the market leading test management platform or the market leading application security assessment management platform.

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