Application Security Testing Software

Find web application security vulnerabilities during every phase of the software development lifecycle

Software Security Assurance or SSA, is a risk-managed approach to improving the security of software. Like Software Quality Assurance, which ensures that software will function and perform as expected, SSA ensures that the software cannot be used in a way that might damage an organization.

Software Security Assurance addresses the immediate risk posed by security vulnerabilities in deployed applications as well as the systemic risk in development processes that don't take security into consideration. Because the threat extends to all sources of software, SSA addresses all sources of software: internal, outsourced, procured through vendors, or open source. With SSA, organizations can map their application security activities with the organization's risk objectives and demonstrate clear value to stakeholders.

PowerTest resells and provides consulting services for the following Application Security suites:

Of special interest to us is the use of Fortify’s Program Trace Analyzer (PTA) and HP’s QAInspect in the software test environment. Both tools complement each other to expose vulnerabilities in software code during functional testing.

PowerTest has developed methodology for integrating the Fortify and HP tools into the software testing cycle. To learn about our approach, please contact us at 415-778-0580 or