HP Business Process Testing Software

Easily design complex software test scenarios using reusable test components

Miscommunication and differing priorities between your business analysts and quality engineers can result in time-consuming test rework.

HP Business Process Testing is a web-based software test design solution that bridges the quality chasm between subject matter experts and quality engineers. This role-based keyword driven testing system enables subject matter experts to build, data-drive and execute manual and automated tests without any programming knowledge. It reduces the overhead required to test maintenance and combines test automation and documentation into a single effort.

Key Features

  • Leverage your testing assets across multiple applications and different testing teams
  • Combine test documentation and test automation into one structured effort
  • Reduce the number of resources and amount of time required with table-driven testing
  • Automate maintenance of test cases and test plan documentation

pdf icon  HP Business Process Testing Software datasheet (opens in new window) (115kb, pdf)

pdf icon  HP Business Process Testing software: test automation focused on your business whitepaper (opens in new window) (374kb, pdf)

pdf icon  Optimizing manual testing with HP Business Process Testing software, a customer perspective white paper (opens in new window) (522kb, pdf)