HP LoadRunner Monitors

The broadest set of supported environments at your fingertips

Undetected bottlenecks can result in slow time or down time in production. But continuously monitoring your systems under test can adversely affect system performance.

HP LoadRunner uses integrated software performance monitors and protocols that enable you to quickly isolate bottlenecks with minimal impact to your systems. This suite of network, application server, web server and database server monitors accurately measures the performance of every tier, server and component of a system during load test. By correlating this performance data with end-user loads and response times, your IT organization can easily determine the source of web service performance bottlenecks.

Key Features

  • Extract data without having to install intrusive capture agents on your servers
  • Monitor the performance of your servers regardless of the hardware and operating system on which they run
  • Identify end-user response times and quality of web service performance