SOASTA CloudTest

Web Performance Testing Software

On Demand. Scalable. Affordable Testing . . . at your Fingertips.

Available as an on demand service in the Cloud or as a hardware appliance, SOASTA CloudTest's seamless integration of test design, monitoring, and reporting offers everything you need to test and deliver high quality Web applications and services at an affordable price.

A Single, Integrated Testing Environment

All-in-one testing. With SOASTA CloudTest you can test any popular Web application or service, no matter how complex. No need to resort to cobbling together point products from many vendors. From functional/regression testing to load testing to performance testing to Web UI/Ajax testing – SOASTA CloudTest natively supports them all. Loyal to Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari? No need to worry. SOASTA CloudTest is browser independent, too. Building applications or services based on a variety of protocols? SOAP, REST, HTTP(S), HTML, Ajax, JSON, etc. SOASTA supports common web-based standards.

Analytic Dashboard

A memory-based analytic service (with persistence to disk) easily handles very large results sets and analytics from the most complex distributed tests with superior performance. The Analytic Dashboard automatically correlates many data streams from a distributed test into a single test result on a synchronized timeline providing the ability to drill down to a single event or message to find the problem.

Unique Visual Approach

Life's too short for manual testing! SOASTA CloudTest changes the playing field in Web testing. Its groundbreaking visual testing environment is based upon familiar, easy-to-use digital media creation tools. With an immersive, drag and drop interface, you can easily create and run complex tests within minutes, find and fix errors in real-time, and collaborate and reuse test scenarios across the testing team.

Browser-Based UI

Test anytime, anywhere. SOASTA CloudTest enables your team to easily access your testing environment from across campus or across the world. SOASTA CloudTest runs on any computer that has a browser and Internet connection. No need to install software – merely open your browser, log in and begin testing. It's just that easy!