Micro Focus CaliberRM™

Enterprise Software Requirements Management System

Micro Focus CaliberRM™ is an enterprise software requirements management tool that facilitates collaboration, impact analysis and communication, enabling software teams to deliver on key project milestones with greater accuracy and predictability. CaliberRM™ also helps small, large and distributed organizations ensure that applications meet end users' needs by allowing analysts, developers, testers and other project stakeholders to capture and communicate the users' voice throughout the application lifecycle.

Feature-Rich Software Requirements Management Software

  • Centralized repository: Micro Focus CaliberRM™ provides a central, secure repository for all project requirements
  • Adaptability: Micro Focus CaliberRM™ adapts to fit your processes, bringing speed and agility to the software requirements management process
  • End-to-end requirements traceability: The open architecture of Micro Focus CaliberRM™ lets you link software requirements to a variety of artifacts across the lifecycle
  • End-to-end impact analysis: Multiple methods for visualizing traceability help users to understand immediately the scope of analysis necessary to gauge the impact of a specific change
  • Diverse client set: Micro Focus CaliberRM includes clients for a variety of users, such as Web, Eclipse, Microsoft® Visual Studio® (including Team System) and Windows®
  • Integration: Integration with other Micro Focus products, such as QADirector, enables you to weave software requirements management throughout the product development lifecycle.

pdf icon  Micro Focus CaliberRM datasheet (opens in new window) (467kb, pdf)

Requirements Definition and Management Workflow Graph