Micro Focus TeamDefine™

Bring Software Requirements to Life with Interactive Simulation

Software requirements are the Achilles heel of any project. They're open to misinterpretation, collaboration is a challenge, and including enough detail is tough. TeamDefine changes all that by using interactive simulation to bring software requirements to life. In less time than it takes to write a software requirements document, nontechnical users can create a working prototype of a concept, feature or set of functionalities. This lets team members and other users test drive the software before development begins, ensuring the application is built right the first time.

Advantages of Interactive Software Requirements Definition

  • Fast and easy simulation: Drag-and-drop assembly lets non-technical users create simulations in minutes
  • A realistic experience: Simulations use sample data and business logic from your organization, so stakeholders experience exactly how the software will perform in real life
  • Streamlined collaboration: Accessing simulations via the Web is an easy, no-cost way for users to review and leave comments, shortening the feedback cycle and ensuring critical feedback rises above the noise
  • Business process storyboarding: multi-user, server-based process diagramming helps you define business processes and lets you quickly sketch and distribute diagrams, as well as attach images and other documents for additional context

TeamDefine™ for CaliberRM™

TeamDefine™ for CaliberRM™ is a collaboration oriented product that combines software requirements definition and management in a unified solution, giving you the best of both worlds.

  • No syncing, importing or exporting of software requirements, as items are created in one product, they immediately appear in the other
  • Complete integration of all artifacts, enabling you to associate requirements to screens, data fields, and process items — even down to individual buttons — ensuring end-to-end visibility for all software requirements
  • Seamless integration and traceability support throughout the software development
  • All the benefits of a proven software requirements management system: Micro Focus CaliberRM™

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