HP Quality Center

The premier Quality Management solution for Software QA Professionals

Key Features

Manage requirements throughout the application lifecycle:

  • Prioritize testing priorities based on business risk
  • Access testing assets anytime, anywhere via a browser interface
  • Create an end-to-end quality management infrastructure
  • Manage Agile development and testing efforts within the same QC project using the Agile Accelerator
  • Manage manual and automated tests.
  • Accelerate testing cycles by scheduling and running tests automatically, unattended, 24x7
  • Manage multiple versions of requirements, tests, test scripts and business components
  • Enforce standardized processes and best practices
  • Analyze application readiness at any point in the testing process with integrated graphs and reports


HP Quality Center offers a single, web-based application that supports all essential aspects of test management. It provides a consistent, repeatable process for gathering requirements, planning and scheduling tests, analyzing results and managing defects and issues. This software enables your organization to digitize specific quality processes and procedures within the larger application lifecycle. It also supports high levels of communication and collaboration among your IT team.

The HP Quality Center Agile Accelerator can be imported into Quality Center as a base project to manage both development and testing efforts within the same Quality Center project. It comes with pre-defined Agile process workflows, configurations and rules to help you manage projects driven by Agile methodology, pre-built Agile user roles and related privileges which are easy to configure, and supports Agile reports and graphs to track progress, burn-down, burn-up and velocity.

HP Quality Center is available in three versions:

– HP Quality Center Starter Edition: Addresses the needs of entry-level QA organizations getting started with testing.
– HP Quality Center Enterprise Edition (formerly HP TestDirector for Quality Center software): Suitable for mainstream QA organizations that may not have expanded globally and may not yet be managing large, complex QA initiatives.
– HP Quality Center Premier Edition: Addresses the needs of large, global enterprises with QA initiatives that span up to hundreds of applications and geographically distributed teams.

pdf icon  HP Quality Center software datasheet (opens in new window) (598kb, pdf)