Micro Focus SilkCentral Test Manager

The Quality Choice for Software Test Management

Micro Focus SilkCentral Test Manager (SCTM) is an open software test management solution that reflects the way today’s organizations work. As a scalable, flexible test management engine, it ensures that development teams deliver higher quality software into the hands of their users faster, ensuring greater value in a shorter timeframe.

SCTM provides goal and requirement driven test management that coordinates technologies, resources, team capabilities, and meaningful deliverables to promote quality, collaboration, efficiency, and confidence. As today’s software development teams work on projects of all sizes, SCTM scales from supporting a single project to being the engine that supports multiple projects distributed around different locations right across an organization.

This unparalleled solution delivers control over application quality by providing consistent, repeatable processes across whichever methodology you adopt – from waterfall to iterative methodologies such as agile. It provides a unified framework for managing manual and automated tests while integrating with existing unit, functional and performance test suites to provide an open test management solution for the consolidated management and visibility of testing activities throughout the development of the software.

Key Benefits of SilkCentral Test Manager

  • Real time visibility and control of issues raised at all stages of test execution with the in-built issue management tool, as well as provision for seamless integration with 3rd party tools
  • Breathes life into testing through requirements visualizations and videos of results
  • Enables live, quality monitoring of agile and traditional project activities for co-located and globally distributed teams
  • Delivers advanced reporting, including project status, requirements and test coverage, quality trends, milestones, test type and defect trends
  • Provides users with customizable dashboard reporting featuring dashboards targeted to their projects
  • Enables organizations to manage go/no-go decisions based on customer driven quality goals
  • Aligns test efforts with quality goals such as risk mitigation
  • Delivers advanced manual testing planning capabilities to facilitate: What to test; When to test; Where to test; How to test and Who to test
  • Improves manual testing with a simple, scalable Manual Test Client that guides testers through the process, assuring consistent, repeatable data collection and reporting
  • Exposes test results across all required environments through configuration testing
  • Eliminates re-work associated with project changes and exploits test asset reuse
  • Manages, integrates and aggregates test results from existing test frameworks and tools through open test management
  • Provides a single investment that will sustain a quality program across all projects and teams
  • Delivers insight into executed code for Java and .Net applications

pdf icon  Micro Focus SilkCentral Test Manager datasheet (opens in new window) (1.88mb, pdf)


SilkCentral Test Manager 12.0 released

SilkCentral Test Manager 12.0 introduces significant enhancements and changes:

  • NEW manual execution planning – select, distribute and execute manual tests
  • NEW customizable personal dashboard
  • Support for MSTest distributed with Visual Studio 2010/Test Agent 2010
  • Browser support extended to support Chrome

pdf icon  What's New in Micro Focus SilkCentral Test Manager 12.0 (opens in new window) (199.5kb, pdf)