Cloud Performance Testing Solutions

Website load testing is too expensive...

Website load testing is too expensive using the industry leading, old technology tools. Would you agree?

The advent of the Internet Cloud combined with cutting-edge, real-time OLAP technology has resulted in a solution you can afford.

PowerTest provides a unique service that helps you load test and tune your Website applications and infrastructure while the tests are being run. Our service:

  • Costs much less than the old-technology solutions.
  • Provides real-time analytics via dashboards during testing so that your technical staff can tune and see the results of their tuning efforts while the tests are being run.
  • Provides a real-world performance test against pre-production or in-production Websites at very high numbers of concurrent users. The service is "real-world" because it is delivered from an Internet Cloud.
  • Is available on-demand.
  • Is instantly scalable to hundreds of thousands of virtual users.
  • Eliminates your need for staff training, licenses, maintenance fees, and even hardware if testing is done against a production site.

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