Virtualization Performance Testing Solutions

You’ve learned that virtualization enables you to spend much less on equipment and energy in your data centers. But do you know that application performance can suffer in a virtualized environment?

Do you know how to measure and optimize application performance to ensure continued customer satisfaction?

PowerTest has 12 continuous years of experience in performance engineering and testing. Our PowerCycle Virtualization Performance Testing solutions will allow you to identify, assess and mitigate application performance issues in the virtual environment as follows:

Measure Business Process Performance

While the application is under load:

  • Measure response time of critical business processes
  • Evaluate business process response time against accepted performance criteria
  • Monitor the application for availability and throughput
  • Ensure that the system is stable and responsive

Measure Capacity/Hardware Utilization with your actual customer–facing applications under load

  • Ensure that both the Physical host and the Virtual Container(s) are being utilized within an acceptable level while your virtual environment is operating under projected full load
  • Analyze the key server stress points such as CPU configuration, server IO throughput and memory utilization to ensure optimal performance of your virtual environment

Measure the change in Scalability from Physical to Virtual hosts

  • Perform scaled increases in projected load on your application to determine the growth capacity of your application and your virtual environment
  • Identify key failure points in both your application and virtual environment before they are experienced by actual users in production

Whether you are deploying a new application to a virtual environment or porting it over from an existing standalone physical server, PowerTest’s performance testing methodology will validate the performance and availability of your application running in a virtual environment.